Wallingford Neighborhood Profile

For those searching for an area offering all the accommodations of living in the city yet still retaining a small community feel, Wallingford is an excellent option. Located conveniently in northern part of central Seattle, this charming neighborhood may just be the perfect place to call home.

The residents of Wallingford enjoy close proximity to many of Seattle’s major perks. The neighborhood is bordered by the University District, making it a smart housing choice for students and university employees. It is surrounded by Lake Union to the south and Woodland Park to the north, which equates to many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the Seattle outdoors. Woodland Park is a draw to children and adults alike, of course because of the Woodland Park Zoo, but the park also features beautiful gardens and an outdoor concert series in the summertime. Down at the edge of Lake Union, in the Northlake area of the neighborhood, is Gasworks Park. This is one of Seattle’s most famous parks, featuring a beautiful view of the downtown skyline across the water. Gasworks also features a huge community festival and fireworks display for the fourth of July, one of the highlights of a Seattle summer. Throughout the year, Wallingford holds many special events and activities for its tight-knit community of residents and friends.

The main thoroughfare of Wallingford is 45th Street, which is home to a wide variety of shops, restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, and services. A main community hub, also on 45th, is the Wallingford Center. Formerly the home of the Interlake Elementary School, this charming building now holds unique boutiques, cafes, and apartments. Families living in this area primarily send their children to Lincoln School and the newly remodeled Hamilton International School, and the soon-to-reopen McDonald school. Most nearby places of worship are nestled in the neighboring University District.

Wallingford is a delightfully eccentric, relaxed community surrounded by both natural beauty and the amenities of a bustling metropolis, truly the best of both worlds. With many housing options such as new condos, old Craftsman houses, and small bungalows, any family size and income can and should consider this neighborhood when relocating.