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Healthy Spices to Incorporate into Your Diet

Everyone is making resolutions about what not to eat or drink, but I challenge you to think about it differently: what should you be eating and drinking MORE of? There are tons of spices and herbs that are super beneficial (and easy!) to incorporate into your diet this year. 

Here are three of my personal favorites to get the ball rolling:

This beautiful orange-yellow spice is seen in Indian cooking, especially curries. Besides adding depth of flavor in savory dishes, it also is known for its healing properties. In India, it has been traditionally used to treat ailments of the stomach and liver and these days some believe it's effective in treating ulcers. Turmeric's compound curcumin is said to have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, and is even being used in clinical trials to treat cancer and other inflammatory diseases (although the results of these trials are not yet conclusive).
Good pairings: Indian curry, black pepper, chickpeas.

If you've ever perused a weight loss site, you've probably seen advice to incorporate cayenne into your cooking in order to raise metabolism. While sometimes I think this tip is a little overblown, capsaicin compound in chili peppers has been found to give the metabolism a little bump and there is also research indicating that a little bit of spice can increase endorphins. And as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde always tells us, "endorphins make you happy!"
Good pairings: roasted vegetables, beef, honey, dark chocolate.

This is another anti-inflammation powerhouse. In tests, ginger has proven to be effective against nausea and vomiting. Many countries use ginger ale and ginger beer as a stomach soother - did your mom ever bring you ginger ale when you were sick as a child? I will say personally that if I eat a big, rich meal, or just snack on something that disagrees with me, a ginger chew or some ginger tea really calms me back down and alleviates discomfort! Some studies also indicate that ginger could be a tool in fighting cancer and tumor growth, but those tests haven't been proven in humans, yet, only in animals. Still, it's promising!
Good pairings: orange & other citrus, soy sauce, sesame, sweet potatoes.